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Achieving perfectly symmetrical handlebars when aligning the cockpit has never been easier with our International PATENTED system! With an adjustability range of 10"(254mm) to 17" (432mm), Keep It True or K.I.T. for short works for all types of bikes including but not limited to mountain, street, BMX, cyclo-cross, hybrid, and track.

K.I.T. is designed to create your flawless line while promoting speed, balance, and comfort. Each tool goes through calibration to assure the quality standards.

K.I.T - Keep It True

  • We are currently offering free shipping domestically; international shipping will vary. All sales are final - Returns will only be accepted if product is damaged upon receiving. Proof of damages must be provided via pictures of shipping box/boxes, and of damages to product. Refund will be issued once product is received and inspected.

  • KIT is designed to provide handlebar to fork alignment to bicycles within .007 of an inch. Some application/s will require the removal of aftermarket accessory type mounts to achieve this true alignment. Some bicycles will require the front tire to be removed for proper alignment of the tool. This tool is designed to be used during bike assembly/set-up and general maintenance – not while riding bicycle – please see above disclaimers.

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