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Keep it


The Product

Achieving perfectly symmetrical handlebars when aligning the cockpit has never been easier with our International PATENTED system! With an adjustability range of 10"(254mm) to 17" (432mm), Keep It True or K.I.T. for short works for all types of bikes including but not limited to mountain, street, BMX, cyclo-cross, hybrid, and track. K.I.T. is designed to create your flawless line while promoting speed, balance, and comfort. Each tool goes through calibration to assure the quality standards.


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The Medical Benefits

The importance of the shoulder girdle is a large factor in comfort and performance while on the bicycle. The failure to position the shoulders efficiently creates instability which can affect your performance, cause discomfort, and induce injury at its worst. K.I.T. ensures perfect handlebar alignment to eliminate the  problem


Made in the U.s.a

Our Keep It True alignment system is American made while being fabricated and assembled in Greenville, South Carolina. 

How it works